...go on holiday?

And Summer is here again...and it's several years now  I'm not working on this blog. You know what, I have been on holiday and I maybe returned....or not. I wanted to share this marvellous picture by photographer Grant Cornett. It's a Miami pool, if you know the building where it was shooted you get a prize.


...more and all about Eve?

Jil Sander Eve, the new fragrance for women, which was presented to press in May, will premiere exclusively on the Jil Sander Online Store.
From today on the limited amount of the first 50 Flacons of 50ml Eau de Toilette will be available online.

The official off-line launch of Jil Sander Eve will follow later in September.


...be proud of your vices ?

They will tell you are gross for smoking a cigarette but they will drink two liters of wine in 30 minutes. They will tell you they never took a sleeping pill, god knows if people that does it  is insane  but they will  later run to their mistress for an intense session of pain . They will point your vices everytime just to forget about theirs. Be proud of your vices and of course, try to give up to them.

Photo : Irving Penn


... get the puffy chignon syndrome ?

Norma Aleandro, actress.
Gaga title tune inspiration, superb actress, vintage hair role model. 
Make it puffy, make it "Turbevillish".

...make it all with no fear ?

Gisela Getty and twin sister Jutta Winklemann.
 It girls of the seventies, artists, social connoisseurs, heroin addicted and much more. Still alive and rocking. Ask Google!

...stay young? Acne Paper n. 12


...fragmented narratives?

Shots of lonesome highways and isolated buildings, images of young girls almost naked. Melancholy and beauty : the cold outside, and inside. Todd Hido arranges twenty-eight photographs in a exhibition called "Fragmented Narratives". Pure realism, pure beauty.


...unusual matches? Andrea Pompilio's debut.

Andrea Pompilio had been working for Calvin Klein, Ysl, Prada before deciding to do his own line. He debuted few days ago during Milan Fashion Week.  Here is a brief description of his collection by the designer himself.
"  A  is the initial letter of my name and the first letter of the alphabet, beginning and principle of a new project. A is a new personal departure, the debut of my collection and a way of reinventing myself .A is an approach of clean style and without compromises. I started from classical heads of the masculine wardrobe and passed trough unusual matches  choosing a very special colour palette. Volumes also plays a crucial part in this game of reinventing the classical".

A 5 stars collection, shoes to die for!!!

Infos : studionext press@studionext.it


....protect your treasure?

Freitag Ipod case is the smartest of the cases . Velvet inside.


...tag to tag? Valentinetags.

Who's Valentine?
Born in London during the reign of Biba and then, as Mary Quant launched her mini skirt, VBL followed her parents to Paris where she grew up.She was a good little girl.As a shy 17 year old she began as a dresser in the theatre where blushing wildly she helped dress Gerard Depardieu and Barbara.She liked this a lot.A few years later it dawned on her that she would become a costume designer.  This kept her busy working with the best film directors in both France and England.She made, amongst others, the costumes for “Nikita” (Luc Besson), “Roselyne et les Lions” (Jean - Jacques Beineix), in England “B. Monkey” (Michael Radford), to mention but a few.Next she wanted new challenges, new adventures.She spent a season following fashion as a stylist for Cosmopolitan.And finally…She came back to London. Where since 2005 she’s been feverishly combining words and precious metals and this union has resulted in her latest creation : Valentinetags. 


...resist a temptation?

A marvellous Kate Moss photographed by Alasdair McLellan for ID Magazine. Kate is still botox free and beautiful than ever. Celebrate the new ID website launch with  a wink (and a wrinkle).


...remember this ?

"A couple of years ago, the actor Ryan O’Neal failed to recognize his own daughter Tatum at a funeral and accidentally made a pass at her. Everyone was very judgmental about this, but not me: only a few weeks earlier, I’d been in a mall in Las Vegas when a very pleasant-looking woman came toward me, her arms outstretched, and I thought to myself, who is this woman? How do I know her? It turned out to be my sister Amy. You might think, well, how was she to know her sister was in Las Vegas, but I’m sorry to say that not only did I know, but she was the person I was meeting in the mall."
Nora Ephron - I Remember Nothing and other Reflections 
Deckle Edge 

...flight flight flight?

I adore this T-shirt by Iso050 (Scott Hansen).

...start your Spring Summer 2011?

Spring's here : http://www.oki-ni.com


...abolish slavery?

I don't know why he arrived  to imagine something like that, but illustrator  contemporary artist Alexandro Palombo really made me laugh. He imagined  and illustrated Karl Lagerfeld's  glamorous funeral . Palombo, who loves to play with fire and curates a blog named Humor Chic - The Daily Society Portrait ,  is the voice against fashion slavery and  praising  bloggers. Fashion critic is dead , let's go  parody.


...hyper fake?

It's better an ironic fake than a fake tout court ;  the important thing  is not copying but adding  fantasy and  humour to the orginal .  In 2008 5Preview started a small  fake-like Chanel tee shirts collection that sell out in few days. Wore by the fashion elite and featured in the most important blogs, the black and white Via Cavour Roma motiv spread on and  soon inspired many other designers. Last summer, two years later, I saw similar Chanellish tee shirts on Dj's and kids, that was the sign masses had finally arrived . Those poor t-shirts  were very far from  the 5Preview beauty but  I had a confirmation :  the Stockholm based label was ages ahead. Now whit a shop in Stockholm and a virtual one,  they expanded  the collection and started exploring new territories.... So if you  still have that need of a fake Chanel , 5Preview is the only place to address to.


...in season best ? Burkman Bros.

Nothing new under the sun even if in winter there is few here. Another Canadian  wave is invading Europe and it is a totally new duo warming up the season. They are brothers, they say they design things they want to wear and they produce their fabulous shirts with the best Indian cotton you can imagine. Since there is nothing than checked-tartan shirt around, why don't  you grab the very best one?

BurkmanBros at  Oki-ni  or complete retailers list here.


...obscure in style?

I love sleeping masks, I need sleeping masks and this year the number one place of my personal hit parade goes to Steve & Co. This useful accessory is made of 100% cashmere with an external insertion of suede leather. Completely handmade with love... to feel warm and cuddled wherever you travel.



...support young designers ?

...see some uncommon places?

Monica Spruth and Philomene Magers present work by Stephen Shore in his first solo show in Berlin over 15 years. The exhibition features 80 unseen photos from the series Uncommon Places. An occasion to have a journey into the world of self-taught, superstar, photographer Stephen Shore.

Sprüth Magers Berlin

november 12 2010 - january 08 2011

...buy an Art book?

Nigel Cooke

Produced by : Stuart/Shave Modern art, London
Andrea Rosen Gallery, New York
Blum & Poe, Los Angeles
Published by Koenig Books, London
Isbn 978-3-86560-911-3


...some virtual Vintage? Dot

From 5Th November until 2Th December 2011, Marni Virtual store will purpose some vintage pieces ready to be mixed with new collections . Historical dots camisoles and flat Maryjanes, deconstructed leather coats and funny cocktail dresses. Hit website and start the mix appeal game.



...play with bigger dolls?

The art of mannequins by Rootstein.
Photo, vintage Joan Collins mannequin 1980 circa from ebay.


...a warm-basic shirt ?

It is the best thing to insert in your in season wish list. It is simple, warm and inexpensive.
Bridge and Burn's Longmont Wool shirt (for him) and Granby Wool Button Up (for her) are A lists essential for a warm fall 2010.


...run baby run baby run?

West Nyc is ready for the marathon and felt it was appropriate to partner with Nike on a fall running package. Owner Lester Wasserman wanted to create a series of shoes inspired by the fall colors of New York City's Central Park ; working on model Air Max 1 and Lunar Glide 2 (in the photo), here is the spectacular result. 26 pairs of WestxNike will be raffled off on Sunday November 7 Th, just go to website for further information. And run!


...get ready to fight?

Very first images from Lanvin loves HM.
Hannelore Knuts and Natasha Poly by David Sims.


...le soin bonne mine?

I have been a Sampar fan at first sight. I loved the design, the pink , the concept of a cream promising a touch of fresh-good air coloured skin. With tan going out of fashion and sunbeds forbidden by doctors what else can we do ? Us men, we cannot powder our face or use a self tanning ( be aware of the yellow factor) except when in drags so this is the solution to pale days. I have been using this cream for a week now and not only my skin has a better colour but it looks softer, healthier. It is a first class cream for a very good price so take it as an advice as long as this is not a payed post : Sampar really worth it!



...preserve your allure?

A conversation on the phone with my mate Francesco.

F - Are you happy with time passing by? M - Yes I'm happy, I feel so clever. I was so stupid in my twenties, I think I was the dullest person in the world. F- Na, it's not that you were stupid, you hadn't live enough that's it. It is impossible to spread wisdom at that age. M - I wish I can turn back time and do everything again in a different way. I wasted such time in appearing and now I feel like the only thing that really matter is having a balanced mind. Being crazy horses at our age it would be so ridiculous. I just wish to get older like Bryan Ferry, he looks so cool. By the way, did you see the new video ? F - Of course I did, I love it so much. It would be great to get older the way he is. He is such an icon, I just wonder how this people can manage to live all those years without loosing any single grade of their allure. M-It think that wisdom creates wisdom and avoiding conversations like the one we've just had...that is the perfect anti age.



...fil rouge, fashion army?

Friday 15Th October and Saturday 16Th at Atelier Daniela De Marchi (see picture above) will take place "Fil-Rouge" , a two days fashion laboratory where shopping and ordering special made products will be more than just an experience. Daniela De Marchi, master in jewel creations, will be the host, Barbara Granetzy will propose her B/Private high quality cashmere line while the duo Heidrich Guabello will present their hand-made shoes line.
3 high quality artisan production brands in one space : fashion gets united.

Atelier Daniela De Marchi
Via Dei Piatti n. 9